Cozy Threads Releases New Heavenly Soft Bamboo Baby Receiving Blankets

Cozy Threads, a company formed in 2022 and manufacturer of bamboo baby blankets and adult throws, has released a new upgraded baby blanket.  The new blankets are fluffier and cozier with a heavenly, buttery soft feel.

Their new blankets offer all the benefits of bamboo. Bamboo fabric (sometimes called “bamboo rayon”) is extremely soft and breathable.  Many customers are unaware that harsh chemicals are added to blankets in the manufacturing process to make them softer.   Their quality-tested premium fabric is made with a 25% rayon from bamboo and 75% polyester blend, with no added chemicals. They use environment-friendly and safe fabric that offers all the benefits of bamboo including:

Superior Breathability:  Fabric has micro-sized holes in the fibers, offering airflow and allowing moisture to evaporate much faster than cotton.

Temperature-regulating:  Offers the best of both worlds— so you stay cool when it’s hot and warm when it’s cold.

Gentle on Skin:  Their blankets are suitable for the most sensitive skin. Antibacterial fibers naturally repel (delete s) odors and allergens.  No harsh chemicals or pesticides which can cause skin irritations.

Incredibly Soft: Bamboo fiber is one of the softest fabrics in the world.

Sustainable Choice: Bamboo grows faster and uses significantly less water than cotton, making it one of the most renewable resources on the planet.  The long durability

Cozy Threads luxurious fabric makes their baby blankets the ideal choice for your little one or for gifting.  The fabric which is perfect for year-round use because of its superior breathability and its temperature regulating, moisture-wicking characteristics.  Their baby blankets help customers beat the heat and stay cool in the warmer months and cozy in the fall/winter.  Since it’s launch in January 2022, their baby blankets were featured as Amazon’s Hot New Releases” in Nursery Receiving Blankets.  Cozy Threads bamboo baby blankets are offered in three colors – Blue, Cream and Pink.

They can be purchased on their website at or on Amazon to receive free Prime Shipping.  Retail Stores can purchase directly through Faire Marketplace or via email to

They are currently sold at the trendiest boutiques that offer only the highest quality and well-known brands in Southern California including Auntie Barbara’s General Store in Beverly Hills, Chicken Little in Santa Barbara, Juvenile Shop in Sherman Oaks, Loomey’s Toys in Pacific Palisades, The Nurture Cottage in Montecito, Susan Willis in Carpinteria, Picket Fences in Solvang, and most recently at Keetan in Pacific Palisades.  Cozy Threads are selling to boutiques nationwide through Faire Marketplace and through various sales reps.

Source:  Cozy Threads



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