Bamboo Products are the New Affordable Luxury


The trend toward eco-friendly products is growing at a rapid pace. Even though fashion commentators have remarked style is of steadfast importance, today’s consumers are very fabric conscious. Bamboo has become increasingly desirable for its environmentally friendly, comfortable and machine-washable fabric. There are numerous companies that are going green. There are numerous companies that are going green and it is now becoming a luxury that the everyday consumer can afford.

Bamboo is especially beneficial for sensitive or allergy-prone skin. It is 100% naturally grown without pesticides or fertilizers, unlike conventional cotton which uses 25% of all the world’s pesticides. This lack of harsh chemicals takes always allergy risks because of the antibacterial fibers that comprise bamboo making items hypoallergenic. Bamboo is able to absorb and evaporate sweat in a split second and does not stick to the skin. Its natural fabric is extraordinarily breathability and keeps you comfortable and dry for longer. Its fabric has thermo-control, meaning its highly breathable fabric in hot weather also keeps you significantly warmer in colder weather.

The growing popularity of bamboo products is better for our planet as well. This means more bamboo plantations, which means more photosynthesis and less greenhouse gas. Bamboo can be the answer to our needs, while being ecologically friendly at the same time.

There are a number of small businesses that are gaining market share in this industry. Organic Bamboo Clothing, a family-owned business in Iowa, has expanded its bamboo clothing line with luxurious sheets and towels. Spun Bamboo manufactures basic, comfortable clothing for men, women, and children and offers private labeling.

Bamboo fabric is incredibly soft, smooth, and luxuriously comfortable. Bamboo clothing is an affordable luxury that the whole family can appreciate while being ecologically conscious in comfort and style.